Be The Next Hattori Hanzo: Japanese University Offers Course In Ninja Studies

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Wanna learn the theory behind the greatest ninjas of all time? The Mie University in Tsu, Japan has you covered.

The course gives students the opportunity to learn about ninjas, including lessons in walking stealthily and breathing methods to prevent runners from tiring.

The course also seeks to explore their roles and lifestyles by dispelling their stereotypical combatant image created by films and manga.

“The most important role of ninja is to collect intelligence. They tried to avoid fighting as much as possible,” said Professor Yuji Yamada, 47, of the university, while showing a ninja film to students during his “Ninja Study” class.

“They were required to have good memories and communication skills first and foremost, rather than physical strength.”

“Ninja insisted on having an existence like a shadow,” Professor Yamada said. “They accomplished their duties behind the scenes and through unofficial negotiations. They share those characteristics in common with Japanese today. I would like to introduce the good traits of Japanese to the global community through the ninja culture.”



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