Bad Fashion Day! My Five WORST Dressed From D’Banj’s 10th Anniversary Party

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Whenever there is an event of any such, we try so hard to ignore the ills that people commit but this is certainly one we cannot bring ourselves to ignore. Why people chose D’banj’s 10th anniversary to look their worst still remains a mystery to us.

Take a look at five worst dressed from this event!

Maureen Ahize




Certain trends are meant for certain people. If you must spot a trend then make sure you have the body to rock that trend so you don’t end up looking like you swallowed a live pig. Maureen should have known better but what can we say, The lady in pink tried hiding all the bloat but the camera got all your tricks (Suck belle doesn’t work all the time). Moral Lesson: Ladies please dress according to your body stature.

LeeLee Byoma (1)


Whoever let you leave the house looking this way must answer for this shame on judgement day. Dear friends, please do not take style inspiration from everything you see, some people are always looking for people to fall with them otherwise what justifies this very ratchet look?

sharzSharon! Sharon!! Sharon!!! What exactly were you trying to prove with this look because we still do not get the reason for showing up scantily dressed.



Dear Azuka, we know the event does not require you looking too fabulous but dressing down in a maxi dress does not look like the best outfit choice either. There are a couple of other casual looks you could go for, but this is totally apologetic.




Juliet Gbemudu

Juliet Gbemudu

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  1. Sadly, the person who wrote this didnt get it right. You dont condemn a dress without a good reason. What does Sharon Sharon mean? LOL. You didnt say anything….. #TryBetterNextTime

  2. Sadly Paul has eyes but he cannot see because the person who did the article accused her of being scantily dressed and that’s a reason de condemning her look. Please was that the same Azuka who condemned Toke? I can’t believe this

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