Apple Backtracks And Approves Weed App

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Mass Roots is a social network for marijuana users, which Apple banned last week for contravening Apple’s policy of banning apps that promote drug use, causing an army of hemp-wearing advocates to convince the iPhone maker to change its mind.

How did they do that? Well, marijuana is now legal and therefore, not a ‘drug’. MassRoots teamed up with the National Cannabis Industry Association, the ArcView group to get the reinstatement of the app. The reinstatement does come with a few conditions attached as Apple has stipulated that it can only be downloaded by residents of the 23 states where it’s legal.


In a blog post, MassRoots has pledged to take its newly-found legitimacy seriously, promising to work with Apple to “affect meaningful societal change.” As a rejoinder, it’s also vowed to stop treading ash into the carpet and will stop playing the bongos after 11pm on a school night.



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