8 Annoying Phone Habits Everyone Must Drop

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“Slaves to a world of technology we mastered, where our information gets sold by some rich greedy bastard”. – Look up spoken world film by Gary Turk.

The advent of mobile phones has helped to make communication easier, quicker and more affordable. With the coming of smart phones, life just couldn’t be easier for us. The words of Gary Turk in his look up video has become so true as he describes the unfortunate condition of how smart phones are beginning to take over our everyday brain use saying they have make us become a generation of “idiots, smart phones and dumb people”.

Admitted, smart phones have helped to make our lives easier but we all need to learn to drop some annoying habits while with people and stop embarrassing ourselves. In other words, we provide some annoying habits we all need to drop to live a fulfilled life.

Putting up your personal life on social media
With an array of social media tools at our disposal and with the smart phones in our hands, we can easily share every memorable moment of our lives with both friends and strangers alike. But we should learn to draw the line on which part of our lives we want people we barely know or are acquainted to to see. Especially with personal problems which may appear as frustrated complaints which honestly, nobody cares about.

Whining about how your ex treated you won’t get you any sympathy, and will only make you a butt of joke to the world. Draw the line and live a happy life.

Voice communication better than texting
Who doesn’t know this? There’s a soothing feeling when you opt to talk to your friends, lovers or family. Nothing greater than listening to the soothing voice of someone you care about when you’re sad. It has even been made better as smartphone applications come with voice call services. So, stop the text and dial the number.

Fiddle less with the camera
Almost all of our smartphones come with cameras and they are a huge source of distraction especially to the womenfolk. We miss the joy of events when we spend ample time taking pictures instead of mixing and mingling with the crowd. Ask yourself how many times you’ve left an event only to be told that someone else was there who you didn’t notice or an activity happened that you weren’t aware of. That’s how bad you were detached from the event as a result of your fiddling with your phone.

Stop it and live life the real way.

Making enemies out of friends with videos
We all know smartphones have in them the same power as those of camcorders but how much damage have you done with them? Posting illicit or unsolicited videos of awkward moments of your friends will do nothing more than sour your relationship with them. An unsolicited video could end up creating eternal humiliation and dent the image of your friends. Think twice before you roll the camera and ask yourself if you’d enjoy it if the tables were turned.

Sending nude pictures
This has become as common as making a call. It used to be difficult to get your pictures as it goes through several processes but it’s now as easy as taking a cup of water. The Internet has been saturated with viral nude images of celebrities and common people alike who in a moment of indiscretion sent their nudes to people they trusted. Things change and so do people so ask yourself if it was worth it if it ever gets leaked.

Texting while walking
Need we say more? This has resulted in the hospitalisation and deaths of a lot of people. If it’s that urgent, simply put a call across. Texting on the road is a no no and is one annoying habit we all must drop so that we won’t be an hazard to motorists and other road users.

Drunk -tweeting, -texting, -Instagramming
This should be avoided and stopped at all cost. Making the mistake of handling your phone while you’re drunk could end up in you destroying yourself and the people you love. Your thinking and typing skills are inebriated and you probably would regret putting up a picture of you wasted on Instagram or tweeting a bunch of crappy that could put you in trouble. Reserve the phone till after you are sober.

Showing your anger to the world
It is a well known fact that humans would pretty much say and do crazy stuffs when they’re angry even with the fact that they never meant any harm. For that reason, those outbursts and rage is not for the world to see. Simply drop your phone and calm down.

Lastly, remember not to use your phone in the bathroom, you’d be annoyed enough when you drop your expensive phone in water and it becomes damaged beyond repair.



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