I’m SCARED! All My Colleagues Are Curious To See My PENIS? [Must Read 18+]

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How often do your mates [male & female] ask you about your genitals?

I can certainly bet it’s not often! Tell them you’re a transgender and watch how that reaction of theirs changes.

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Not only do I frequently have to give updates on what stage I’m at in my transition, I also have a list of people who have asked to see my penis when it’s finally complete.

In fact, it got so ridiculous that I started telling people that the only way they were going to get to see it was if they were planning on pleasuring it.

‘For how long?’ inquired one friend!

So it’s not all bad.

Before I came out a couple of years ago, I don’t remember one single question from my friends about anything below my belt.

I do know some girls who discuss their nether regions with each other in such graphic detail they know more about each other than their gynaecologists, but that’s not me and my friends.

Now it seems that no question is off-limits.

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Sure, the questions are delivered with a ‘I hope you don’t mind’ caveat and for a while I really didn’t mind.

My ego loves being the centre of attention and when it was all still relatively new for me I didn’t have much of a problem answering any questions people threw at me.

But it gets a bit uneasy discussing why you feel you can’t be naked on your own let alone let a partner see and touch you after a while.

I get that meeting a transgender person can be a novelty and you’re full of 100 questions, all of which you don’t even consider to be inappropriate because, hey! It’s fascinating, right?

It may well be, but it’s also my body, my life and my most intimate area and it gets a bit f**king much to have to answer stuff about it like I’m some sort of circus freak.

If I’d been born with the parts I’m now trying to acquire I’m pretty certain my mates would have the opposite opinion on my penis – they’d be telling me to put it away (not that I would be whipping it out all the time, but you never know).

They wouldn’t care to see it, know how it works, know how it felt or if I was able to orgasm through it because, well, regular male penises are everywhere and everyone knows all they need to know about them.

But every time a person asks me about mine it reminds me of how I was born and what I have to go through.

It makes me wonder if the person asking sees me as male at all.

To you it might just be a penis, to me it’s so much more.

Source: Metro Publication



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