Alyson Stoner “The Little Girl” from the Missy Elliott Videos, Work It & Gossip Folks, Makes A Missy Tribute Dance Video

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Alyson Stoner

Anyone remember the little girl busting mad dance moves in the Missy Elliot videos – Work It & Gossip Folks? Here’s a little something to refresh your mind.

Alyson Stoner aka The little girl from Missy Elliott‘s music videos may be all grown up now, but she hasn’t forgotten about the Superstar who gave her her big break. Missy made Alyson Stoner a mainstay dancer in her musical videos from “Work It” to “Gossip Folks” to “I’m Really Hot“.

Alyson also danced in other musical videos including Eminem‘s video for his hit song “Just Lose It”. She went on to act on TV and films and also become a recording artist herself. In recent times, you would have probably seen her in the Step Up movie franchise

Channing Tatum busts some dance moves with Alyson Stoner in Step Up

Adam “Moose” Sevani & Alyson “Camille” Stoner dance on the streets to Frank Sinatra‘s “I Won’t Dance” in Step Up 3D

You can read Alyson’s full resume here.

Stoner, now 21, has paid homage to Missy Elliot with an awesome dance tribute that comprises a song medley of the Missy videos she danced in. The dancer and actress enlisted the help of Monica Parales, who also danced in the “Gossip Folks” video.

Missy & Alyson Stoner
Missy & Alyson Stoner (c)

Without further ado, here’s the impressive Alyson Stoner video tribute to Missy




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