A Must Read Message For All Undergraduates Of Nigeria Higher Institutions

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A Nairalander on today’s heading narrates his results ordeal of catastrophic ramification and admonishes all Undergraduates of Nigeria institution to desist from same mistake.

Here is the full excerpt:

“I will like to use this opportunity to share with you (especially the undergraduates), what I passed through last three weeks when I came for my clearance, and I hope you all will learn from it and form the habit of keeping record of your results.

Problem started when I came to my school for my B.sc clearance like others, and I found out that my department recorded 3.48 as my FCGPA.

Immediately, I became dead in shock, because I had calculated my GP myself even before coming for my clearance and I got 3.55.

Immediately, I suspended my clearance and typed my whole result starting from first year to final year with my Laptop, calculated it, printed it into two copies and submitted one to HOD (with letter of GP re-calculation) and another one to another Prof. Who happens to come from my village.

It was really a great battle. I was insulted, and was even told to leave office repeatedly.

But through the grace of God and the help of that Prof from my village, my result was reviewed, and it was discovered that the person that computed my GP made a grave mistake and recorded 129points for me in my final year instead of 139points which brought me to 2nd class lower.

Glory be to God that the error was detected and corrected and my deserved GP (3.55) was given to me.

Had it been that I didn’t keep record of all my results, there wouldn’t have been any strong evidence to back-up my case.

And the department is not ready to show you any result, I still wonder why .

So undergraduates, I advise you to keep record of your results incase of any error in GP computation, and also make friends with lecturers, so that if you have any problem, somebody will be there to speak for you.”



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