9 Amazing Things You Could Do With Your Body After You Die

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At some point, we all would die and leave the earth and there used to be nothing we can do about what gets done with our bodies after our deaths. But all that has changed now with improved technological advancements and the law, we can so determine how and what we want our remains to be like. From opting for the usual burial in caskets to having your remains scattered in space, there has been a massive transformation in the way people intend to make use of their remains after they are gone.
We present to you some of the most amazing and sometimes bizarre things you could have done to your remains after you die.

Become a tree
Well, everyone knows that it is common the world over for the remains of dead humans to be buried 6 feet below after they die. However, the culture of cremation seems to have gathered momentum in recent times.

It is a known fact that the cremated remains of humans are mostly poisonous to plants bit when mixed with nitrogenous substances, they invariably become good and quality fertilizers. More so, the Urns in which your cremated remains are stored may be turned into life when used on a tree sapling. This will grow and serve as a memorial for the dead including providing eco-friendly benefits to the environment.

Become a Tattoo
Obviously, Tattoos have come to be so much in fad that a lot of youths consider it as fashionable. With that been said, what better way is there to remember a lost loved one than to have their remains etched into your skin? Human remains that have been sterilized have recently been employed in Tattoos. They are mixed with tattoo ink and inscribed on the body the normal way tattoos are done. The cool part is such tattoos have deeper meanings but there is a caveat here, opting for this puts you at risk of infection or rejection of the material by your body.

Shine bright like a diamond
You could have your remains become rare precious metals that can be worn by others. The human body is mostly composed of carbon which under intense pressure makes diamonds. Thus, you can have your remains converted to diamonds. A Jewell company – LifeGem converts cremated human ash to graphite (an allotrope of carbon) by subjecting it to extreme heat and pressure. This is then pressed for about 10 months to obtain a diamond.

Be a bullet
There’s a company notably Holy Smoke which offers to turn people’s cremated remains into bullets by mixing them up with gunpowder which may be shot at the funeral or memorial ceremonies. A typical average sized human can produce a case of memorial ammunition. And of cos you can have a 21 gun salute of yourself at your own funeral.

See the universe
It is well known that space adventure is quite expensive and very few people get to see outer space. A company called Celestis shoots rockets with bits of cremated human remains to outer space. The rockets fired stay in orbit and may aid your exploration of the universe after you’re gone.

Become a pencil
How cool would it be to be the material used for incisive writeups? Cremated ashes can be used to make pencils which can have your name and years you spent on earth inscribed on them. Nadine Jarvis was responsible for this creation and says that the ashes can be used to make around 240 pencils.

Out with a bang
A company called Heavenly Stars Fireworks can make you go out with a bang as they can add your cremated ash into fireworks and have them displayed professionally. Not a bad way to go as you can have your family look at the awesome display of fireworks that is obviously you.

Donate to science
This has been well adopted in Europe and America as your body could be plastinated. The procedure takes about 14 months to complete and involves a slow transformation of the body from living tissues to plastic. They are majorly used as learning and teaching materials for medical students and as such you’d be given yourself to the advancement of medical knowledge.

Be a memorable artwork
You can have your remains turned into a memorable artwork like a wall painting. Before death, a company offers you the choice to choose the image you want and they transfer it to a canvas. Later on, your ashes can be added to the painting made on the canvas and finished with several layers of glaze to make it stick.



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