7 Times You Should Never Consider Taking Selfies

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Selfies are definitely the in-thing now and almost everyone with a portable camera device has been tempted to indulge in this viral activity. Selfies are basically self portrait photographs taken mostly from a handheld digital camera device and shared mostly on social network. Selfies involve the camera being held at arms length or pointed at a mirror to get images of oneself and others.
More so, the advent of social networking site Instagram and others like Facebook and Twitter have helped to increase the craze for selfies coupled with our love for keeping memories. It is however important to know that there are certain times you should never be tempted to take selfies. This is because of the dangers and how offensive it would be to the people around and the public at large. Here are some of the most bizarre incidences of selfies you should never consider taking in future.

Since 2013, the practice of taking a selfie with a corpse at a funeral made huge waves and was widely in vogue as there was multiple reports and it even making a worldwide trend issue on social networking site, Twitter. A lot of people took to this somewhat offensive trend which some others considered made them have a connection with their dead loved one. However, it seems grossly inappropriate to do so, not only to the family and relatives of the dead but also people around.

The accompanying picture has been termed the worst selfie ever taken by anybody. The picture shows the lady taking a selfie of herself in front of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City just as two officials were making an attempt to convince a man from committing suicide. Though it is not clear whether the lady in question knew what was about to happen and made an attempt to capture the moment. This however did not deter the New York Post from giving the event coverage and getting much needed condemnation against the lady.

The young man from Florida shown in this picture (Malick Whiter) took a picture of his pregnant teacher going into labour. What made it even more inappropriate was the fact that he took the selfie in class when there should have been a rush to ameliorate the pain of the teacher and ensure safe delivery.

At the hospital
Is it not just weird for you to take a selfie after being involved in a serious road traffic accident? , we think it’s grossly inappropriate to take a picture of yourself at this point whether you have your friends and family with you or not as it is better to rest through the traumatic moment.

In police custody
The possibility of taking a selfie when you’re arrested by the police is slim as your mobile devices would have probably been taking from you. That wasn’t the case for two Australian youths who took a selfie of themselves in handcuffs. This is a terribly bad idea and should never be considered even if your phone or camera is within reach.

Getting hit by a car
The exuberance of youth may make you want to consider taking a selfie of you jumping over a moving car which is a bad idea as you may just end up taking a selfie of a car hitting and running over you.

Driving a car
Why would you want to take a selfie of you driving a car when we all know that driving requires your undivided attention? The idea is totally wrong and should never be entertained or else it might be someone else taking a selfie of tour mangled car.



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