6 Steps To Overcoming The Fear Of Asking Out Your Crush

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You’ve been staring at her from a distance for quite sometime and you’re seemingly undecided whether or not to make the move to approach her. Perhaps, she is even someone you know and have butterflies in your tummy whenever you talk and relate with her and you’ve not been able to break the “Jinx” and tell her how you feel. Every single guy on the face of the earth including myself can relate to this fear that comes along with asking out a girl we are crushing on. Be it the first time you would ask a girl out or the fact that you want to ask out some one you perceive as beyond you which makes you nervous, trembling and unstable, we have come out with ideas that would help reduce the effects of your fear and guarantee a smooth sail.
These ideas are not 100% foolproof but they are designed in a way that when applied, your nerves would be steadied and you can inadvertently build on the experience to conquer future occurrences.

Never appear Desperate
This is actually very important as the way you seem and appear to your crush mostly determines what and how her response would be like. Thus, NEVER appear desperate or treat getting her a do or die affair. Seeming desperate sends the wrong signals as the other party may misconstrue your intentions as sinister. More so, it is a major turn off for girls when you rush them and press too hard. Learn to take things slowly and easily, which she most probably would be attracted to.

Be respectful
As they say, “Respect is reciprocal “, treat your crush the way you’d expect to be treated. It is important to watch the kind of words you say that may appear disrespectful. Some of these include calling out to her by saying “Hey you”, “Baby” and seemingly vulgar words. A high percentage of ladies see it as a sign of rudeness and disrespect to call out to them that way. Thus, try to be polite as much as possible while also remembering to be nice and respectful.

Spill the words in a quiet area
This is quite important given the fact that good or bad, the memories of you asking out your crush is one that you want to make memorable. Thus, ensure you choose a place that is devoid of noise and people. Avoid places where you are likely to be interrupted intermittently and such places include school cafeterias and places either of you are well known. Also, plan for a place with less noise and people but make sure the place is neither too busy nor private.

Talk Less
To ensure your words hit home, ensure that you talk less. Avoid too much talk as that can portray you as been desperate. Ensure you make your conversation short and precise as this gives it more effect and limits the chances of you stuttering or saying something wrong. A good way is to introduce yourself, ask for her name and. Number, tell her you’d call her and then walk away.

Remember not to rush things
It is important to remember that being in a hurry will do you no good. Learn to take things slow as rushing things will definitely send the wrong signals to her. She may think you are after sex alone and probably keep a distance from you. Try and acquaint yourself with her before you proceed to get intimate with dates.

Know her problems
Every lady wants a guy that knows and understands what they are passing through. It is nice to get to know what are problems are as this would probably aid you in knowing how to proceed with her. For example, knowing that she just got out of a bad relationship can help you know what went wrong in her previous relationship and apply same in how you relate with her.

Finally, make sure you don’t talk too much, make it short and precise and if she says no; don’t worry, you might get another chance with her or with someone better.



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