50 Year Old Prostitute Poisons And Burns Customer To Death

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A 50 year old commercial sex worker in Lokoja, Kogi State has been arrested by the Police for killing one of her customers. The woman confessed to roasting her lover to death after pouring rat poison into his drink.

The alleged prostitute also confessed to have killed several men whom she claimed wanted to cling to her and make her their permanent mistress.

She allegedly confessed that the recent victim, a mason by profession, aged 41, identified as Emma, was poisoned with a rat poison which she said to have poured into his beer cup while the deceased went to the convenience. She said when she discovered that the man had taken the poison mixed with beer she ran out of the room where the randy mason was having the fun with her when it dawned on her that the man was dying. She did not stop there as she went and drew petrol from the generator around the house then set the entire house built with a thatched roof on fire before escaping from the scene.




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