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Hello fine folks, welcome to this week’s edition of your Flashback Thursday. This post specifically spotlights 10 songs that take us back in time. Some of them evoke the mid-tempo/ groovy feel of yesteryears. Others just take us back memory lane, reminding us largely of those thrilling days of times past.


In all, these songs provide a sing-along vibe that lingers on the lips of both young and old today. Enough said already, sit back and enjoy -in no particular order- this week’s Flashback songs for February, 12th, 2015.


1. Artiste: Fela

Song Title: Zombie

Song Details: Released in 1976, Zombie received wide acclaim from both the Nigerian and international communities. Sam Samuelson of AMG gave it a 4.5 out of 5 stars, further describing it as “Kuti and Africa 70’s most popular and impacting record.” Zombie is still the song it was, with a theme still very relevant in today’s socio-economic situation of things, thus earning its place in our Flashback for this week.

Fela Kuti – Zombie


2. Artiste: eLDee

Song Title: I Go Yarn

Song Details: A song from a much younger Artiste, Lanre Dabiri, ‘I Go Yarn’ touches pretty much same theme and subjects as the legendary Fela did in his heyday. The Artiste, eLDee, expresses himself on this song with the hope that things can start to look up in Nigeria in the soonest time possible.

I Go Yarn


3. Artiste: Lagbaja

Song Title: Never Far Away

Song Details: Never Far Away is a brilliant record from multi-talented, award-winning Afrobeat star; popularly known for his representing the ‘faceless’ and ‘voiceless’ in society today, an image he creates with the mask. This one is a cool, mid-tempo love song that rests on the shoulders of African sounds and original instrumentation.

Lagbaja – Never Far Away


4. Artiste: Banky W

Song Title: My Regret

Song Details: Banky W stays relevant from years back till date (and into the future) owing to his unmistakeable ability to write as well as deliver vocally on songs. My Regret is one such awesome cuts from the EME head honcho. Ever green material here.

Banky W – My Regret


5. Artiste: Plantashun Boiz

Song Title: Don’t You Know

Song Details: This is an absolute smash of a slow jam which takes us back to the bubbly years when the Plantashun Boiz held sway in the Nigerian music space.

Plantashun Boiz – Don’t U Know


6. Artiste: MI Abaga

Song Title: Craze

Song Details: MI Abaga lends his voice to the topsy-turviness bedeviling the nation on this cut off his IM2 Album. And given the current situation of things today, it earns MI some visionary ability earns this song a huge following, coupled with the fact of it having a strong lyrical depth and production strengths.

MI – Craze


7. Artiste: Oby Onyioha

Song Title: I Want To Feel Your Love

Song Details: This is a completely evergreen song. The older folks should be able to relate to this more given that it was released as far back as 1981. The younger ones as well can tap into its old school, unique feel. Great stuff.

Oby Onyioha – I Want To Feel Your Love


8. Artiste: Alex Zitto

Song Title: Walakolombo

Song Details: This joint is better listened to than described, an absolute flashback hit from 1989. Hit the play button already.

Alex Zito – Baby Walakolombo


9. Artiste: Oritz Wiliki

Song Title: Heart of The Story

Song Details: Hit the play button already.

Oritz Wiliki – Heart Of Stone


10. Artiste: Fela

Song Title: Water No Get Enemy

Sonjg Details: Are you playing this yet? Please get on it already. Complete, helluva Afrobeat classic from the legend himself.

Fela Kuti – Water No Get Enemy


Thanks for joining us this week. We trust you found this truly refreshing. Stay with us now and rest assured that next week’s will be greater. Cheers.








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