10 Most Stylish Nigerian Female Singers

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Beautiful, talented and super sexy, these Nigerian female singers are pace setters when it comes to being stylish. Either on the red carpet, on stage or caught unawares by paparazzi, these super hot ladies are always a sight for sore eyes. Petite, tall, short, chubby; the following singers rank the highest when it comes to looking stunning:



First Cut Is The Deepest Premiere_Nollywood_Lagos_Omawunmi_360nobs

she may not have won the 2008 Nigerian Idol, Omawunmi has succeeded in shocking many people, not just with her beautiful voice but with her sense of style. For someone who is chubby, she knows her body and dresses to suit it. Dressed casually or for the red carpet, Omawunmi’s taste in fashion is nothing short of amazing. From her hair to her shoes, she always looks very stunning like a true African queen.



Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

the eminado queen’s dress sense can sometimes be questionable but she is undoubtedly one of the female singers in the country that knows her way around her closet. Tiwa’s style has been described as easy, clean, chic and effortless. Thanks to her slim, tall physique, the songwriter/musician can make any cloth look classy. Her red carpet and off red carpet styles are off the hook. She definitely has what it takes to rock her body for any occasion.



Loreal_Maybelline Nigeria_May2014_MoCheddah_360nobs

the winner of FAB style awards for the most stylish female artist in 2012, mo ‘cheddah has an astonishing fashion sense. With a petite body, she easily switches from the tomboy look to being chic and she still always dazzles. On the red carpet, on stage performing, on magazine covers, mo ‘cheddah can do no wrong. She’s 10/10 when it comes to being stylish.



Seyi Shay
Seyi Shay

she has made major fashion mistakes in the past but most of the time, seyi has gotten it right. Edgy, racy, classy, simple; Seyi can make it work and perfectly too. With a signature hairstyle and a great body, the talented singer always wows us every time she gets it right. It is no wonder the camera loves her.


#5. EVA:


if you love the tomboy-ish and punk style, you will love this wonderful hip hop artist’s tastes in dressing. She makes combat shorts and tank top look like a vintage dress and her colored mo-hawk hair makes her look very sexy. No matter what she wears, Eva always looks fabulous. If anyone can make being a tomboy super sexy, cool and tasteful, it is definitely Eva.


#6. SASHA P:

Sasha P
Sasha P

Sasha is another chubby female artist that has a wonderful sense of style. With her personal clothing line, Sasha knows what works and what doesn’t for her body. For the times she has been photographed on stage, on the red carpet and off carpet, Sasha has always been dazzling. Her style can range from a bit masculine to very feminine. Hair, make-up, clothes and shoes; Sasha definitely understands how to make the best of her wardrobe and has bagged many nominations for being stylish.


#7. ASA:


if you love “simple”, you will love Asa’s sense of style. Asa is always simply dressed and yet still looks amazing. With Asa, simple is always chic and elegant. Her signature locked hair also adds to Asa’s elegance.



yemi alade
yemi alade

being stylish does not mean you have to have the finest and most expensive clothes in the world. Most times, it is about how you wear your cloth and how you make them look. Being stylish means defining what you wear and not allowing the cloth to define you. For Yemi, this is the case. She surprisingly brings out the best in every cloth, even if it is a local costume. With great curves, she always looks ravishing.


#9. WAJE:


you do not have to be size 0 before you look like a queen. All you need is the right attitude and understand your body and Waje knows this. She looks confident at all times and confidence is sexy; like an accessory on its own. Waje rocks and i doff my hat for her. Curvy yet super sexy and stylish.




this beautiful singer always looks good enough to be anyone’s dinner. She makes every dress look like it was made for a queen. She wears everything with confidence and a smile as bright as the summer sky. From casual to red carpet, Chidinma’s style is simple, elegant and effortless.


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