Zimbabwean Artist Goes On Social Media To Threaten Burna Boy For Humiliating Him

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Zimbabwean dancehall artiste, Buffalo Souljah is going on a social media rant over what he calls humiliation by Burna Boy and his goons while they were chilling at Ciroc’s All White party in South Africa on January 24, 2015.

Earlier on today, Burna Boy vented all but in one tweet, refusing to call names because he didn’t want to make anyone famous off a Twitter beef.

Apparently, Buffalo Souljah didn’t share Burna Boy’s reservations seeing as he had less to lose went ballistic name dropping Burna Boy and even went as far as making a video which is now on YouTube.

One has to wonder though, why come to social media to issue threats about a matter that you were there physically for? Probably, it is easier to talk when the danger is gone.



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