VIDEO: Buhari’s Daughter Talks About General Buhari

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The fifth daughter of General Buhari, the All Progressives Congress Presidential candidate, Halima Buhari speaks about her father in an interview with Lola Shoneyin.

When asked who her father is away from politics, Halima said,” He’s like every normal father. He’s very realistic, he tells you how it is. He likes cracking jokes, he’s very caring. He’s very sensitive towards our feeding. He doesn’t coerce us to do anything we don’t want to do. He’s a very understanding father unlike the image people. People say he’s strict but he has a very soft side.”

On Buhari’s relationship with his grandchildren, Halima added that, “He calls my 7-month-old daughter (named Aisha) Laraba which means Wednesday in Hausa. He is very caring towards his grandchildren. He plays a lot more with his grandchildren than he does with his own children.He is very fond of them and he gives them all sorts of traditional nicknames.” What’s her take as her father heads to the polls? ” Firstly this is a different era not the military regime. He will certainly be more tolerant and more passionate because he’s very passionate about leading Nigeria,and leading it out of every single mess.”



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