Turn Down For Marriage: Court Dissolves 18-Year Union Because Wife Parties Too Much

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Ramon Morenikeji filed for divorce from wife Morufat

A customary court in Lagos has absolved the 18-year marriage of a Mr Olukayode Atolagbe and a Mrs Bisi Atolagbe over the wife’s frequent partying.

The court’s president, Mr R.I. Adeyeri, ruled the marriage void after both parties were unable to reconcile.

The petition for the annulment had been filed by Mr. Atolagbe.

“My wife hardly stays at home as she frequently goes from one party to another, both on weekdays and at weekends.

“She cannot do without attending three to four parties a week; sometimes she will go for days without bothering about what the children will eat,” Atolagbe said.

“Yes, I attend parties a lot, especially those organised by my friends, relatives and my customers, so that they can continue to patronise me,” said Mrs Atolagbe in response to the allegations.

The couple are now legally single. Party no good 🙁



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