Tuface And Pero Adeniyi Caught Kissing In the Club

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Just not long after Annie Idibia said in her interview that she wished she was the mother of all Tuface’s kids, there is a picture going on around of her husband Tuface kissing one of his baby mamas in the club! Pero Adeniyi.


According to reports, the picture of 2Face and Pero together was supposedly taken as recently as a few days ago when the two of them bumped into each other at one of 2Face’s clubs in Lagos.

SDK reports that things haven’t been so smooth between 2face and Annie recently (as a result of third party involvements) but by all indications from Annie’s interview with Motherhood In-Style magazine things are going well for the Idibia family.

Her source squeals further ”I don’t know if they planned to meet there or it was a coincidence but Pero and Tuface were at the club together and Annie stormed in ready for a fight, in fact she was ready to tear down the place because Tuface had not been home for days due to another bout of nagging on the Pero issue.
Pero and Tuface were seated at the VIP section all cosy and laughing and having the time of their lives and when Annie stormed in,the club management sensed trouble and asked her to come with them into a room so that Tuface could join her there and talk things out.
pero Adeniyi kissed Tuface
Pero Adeniyi
Could Annie be leaving messages (below) like this for people to decipher, as she took up to her Instagram page to post the following pictures and their different captions?
Annie 2
Annie 1
Annie 3
Annie 4
Annie 5
Annie 6
 SDK explained further exactly as it was recounted ”Anytime Annie and Tuface quarrelled, she blamed it on Pero and vented out her anger via phone calls or strongly worded emails cussing out Pero and calling her kids names…”
We hope all is well with the couple who just got married barely two years ago.
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