#True Confessions! I’m In Love With A Mama’s Boy

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True Confessions is a new love and relationship column that allows you share your private life with us. Whatever you feel is going wrong in your love life, feel free to share with us and don’t be scared because we would never disclose your personal information(s). The benefit of sharing is that you end up getting readers response and you know a problem shared is a problem solved or half-solved as the case may be.

I received a message some days back from a longtime friend. Read the contents below:

Hello Dear, I have been dating this guy for close to six months. I can describe the relationship as Heavens way of blessing me but not until i  met his mother. I am plus size and i have asked him on several occasions if he likes my body figure and the answers i have on each occasion was positive.

Recently he told me to come along with him to his family house as his mother will love to meet me. I was a bit skeptical at the first instance but i knew it was a step further in our relationship so i agreed. We spent the weekend at his family house and i did everything possible to please his mum and family. But i noticed each time i chatted away with my man, she was never comfortable saying i talk too much, which i took as a joke because of the manner in which she says it. And anytime we were alone in the room, she would come and knock endlessly requesting that her son comes to her room for a chat.This got me worried but i assumed she was just missing him.

Since we returned from that trip, it has been from one argument to another. Recently we had an argument and he told me his mother thinks am too BIG for him that she wants me to loose some weight because i may end up looking older than him. I was shocked out of my bone marrow and i still find it hard to believe that he could say such a thing to me. I have been bitter and totally confused since then.

Please i need mature advice, should i try to loose weight to please his mum or should i just leave the guy and his interfering family alone?

Juliet Gbemudu

Juliet Gbemudu

Creative junkie/fashion enthusiast, she captivates readers through her good command of English & the very interesting contents of her writing. Follow Juliet @fabdutchess on instagram & twitter


  1. Baby girl grow up and leave him because his mama will always ask for something and you might not to be doing these things just to keep up

  2. if u really love him get his mother on your side and things would be fine. I experienced worse and now we are one happy family

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