Top 5 Pregnancy Checklist For Yummy Mummies!

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There is a lot of joy that comes with being pregnant (at the right time though) especially for first time moms. While you may get carried away with the excitement of what name(s) to give the baby, getting the nursery ready and shopping for your baby, there are certain things you need to do to ensure you have a healthy baby and also to put yourself in shape and order.

Exercise: top on the list of things you need to put on your checklist during this period is exercise. Pregnancy takes over your body and there is every tendency to get lazy but you need to brace up and keep fit. You can do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise. Opt for something less rigorous like walking, swimming etc.

Eat Right: funny cravings are one of the things that comes with being pregnant.You start craving all sorts of junk food like ice cream, chocolate etc. But you need to set your mind outside your cravings, stock up on more fruits, vegetables and low-fat products.

Watch your weight: weight control during pregnancy can be such a task. Being too heavy during pregnancy raises your chances of a high blood pressure and can also affect during labor. Same way being too thin is not healthy as it can make things harder sometimes, all you need to do is to talk to a doctor about what weight is healthy for you.

Go For Check-up: the need for regular check-ups cannot be over emphasized. During this period, there is need to visit your doctor at least once in every month. Take tests and vaccines, ask about medicines to take and those to abstain from and also do not hesitate to complain about any health conditions.

Budget for Baby:  this is one of the key plans you need to make to put yourself in order. The good thing about a reasonable budget is that it helps you purchase the necessary things and cut down on over spending. Babies do need a lot of stuffs and if you go shopping without a budget, you might be running at a big risk of getting the wrong things. Babies go through about 8,000 diapers before they start using potty, they also need clothes, car seat, stroller, baby formula, bottles and a host of others. Put down a budget and shop wisely.

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