Too Much Money To Throw Around! See The $2,000 Coat 50cent Bought For His 2 Year Old Son

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When there is so much money, you can easily run out of what to use it for. That is the case with 50cent and many other billionaire fathers. The music legend donned out a whopping $2,000 for a coat for his two year old son. That money should be about #400,000 and would make a lot of sense if invested into buying properties like land… lol.


For the 48 year old singer, it’s not so much money to spend on a piece of clothing. The young lad rocked the coat like he does not care and it looked pretty amazing on him.

Untitled (1)


Quick Questions: What do you think about the coat and is it worth that amount of money? If you had so much money to blow, will you spend such amount on a coat?


Credits: 5ocent’s Instagram

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