Tap Out! Five Old Fashion Trends That Must Go In 2015

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One very interesting thing about fashion is it’s ability to change as the world evolves. There  are some old fashion trends we came across some years back and never want to let go of and the reasons are quite understandable.

On the other hand, there are some other trends that have been in existence for a while and we must tap them out in 2015. Some of these trends are as old as the word fashion and if we must get stylish in 2015, then we have to let go


Sagging is the manner of wearing your trousers significantly below the waist, sometimes revealing much of the underwear. This is predominantly male fashion and it was adopted from the United States prison system where belts are sometimes prohibited and it soon became popularized by hip hop artists in the 1990’s.

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This trend was started by prisoners, that alone is enough reason not to sag. There is no logical reason to be mad, common guys pull your pants up!

Wearing socks with Slippers

This is one of the most controversial fashion combination. People started committing this fashion error as far back as 2000 years ago and to my utmost surprise, some guys still walk around today wearing socks with slippers. This is a fashion faux pas and it is totally unacceptable in the fashion world. Anyone caught doing this in 2015 should be sentenced to 5 years rehabilitation by fashion police.


Heavily colored hair 

Highlighting your hair and giving it that new feel should never be a problem but having too many colors on your hair is one hell of a big problem. So many people have gotten it wrong when it comes to highlighting their hair and it’s safer to say avoid coloring your hair if you don’t know what color works for you so you don’t end up looking like a rainbow.



Childish Cellphone cases 

Ladies are most guilty for spotting very childish cellphone cases. In a bid to be a little stylish with cellphone cases, they end up picking the childish ones. Everything you wear from clothes to accessories really count hence the need to be more choosy when it comes to cell phone cases.  Remember you are what you wear, leave those childish cases to the kids.



Bold Eyebrows

Your facial looks complement your outfit to make you that stylish person that you want to be. Once you get it wrong with your make-up, people will move from the very fashionable clothes you are wearing to talk about how awful your make-up is. If you cannot draw your brows well then don’t attempt drawing it at all instead of spoiling the entire look with very bold eyebrows.






Images: Polyvore, thereal.com. glamcheck.com

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