The Most Stylish Pregnant Nigerian Woman Ever!! We Loved Veronica Ebie-Odeka’s Maternity Style

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Veronica Ebie-Odeka is the most successful and respected stylist in Nigeria. She is also the CEO of Vane Style and was the first stylist to open a show room in Nigeria. She is Genevieve Nnaji’s official stylist and has styled several other A list celebrities such as Mo Abudu, she also styles for magazines & TV shows such as This Day Style, WOW Magazine and Moments with Mo’

Veronica is easily one of the most stylish women in Nigeria, everyone was super excited for her when her pregnancy was announced, I was particularly looking forward to her maternity style as it is a well known fact that most pregnant women-hollywood celebrities included- tend to let themselves go while they are pregnant.

Mrs Ebie-Odeka brought her A game, she had me checking her page every morning just to see her outfit for the day, after which I would spend a considerable amount of time imagining what I would wear when I get pregnant. I absolutely loved every single outfit she posted during her pregnancy.

At the beginning of her 2nd trimester

30-5 months ago, 4 months pregnant29-4 months

From Runway to the Red carpet

SS14 Phunkafrique
SS14 Phunkafrique


Lots of Maxi Dresses


Embracing the bump


Pregnant Women Rock


Baby Shower Chronicles


It is very healthy to work out during pregnancy


Selfie Game On Fleek


End of her final trimester


My favourite picture: 

I absolutely love this picture and this outfit. It is not very easy for a grown woman to pull off an-all-pink-outfit but Veronica did it effortlessly. I also love the fact that you have to look again to be sure if she is actually pregnant. The fitting of the dress is perfect and that glow…wow

This is absolutely one of my all time favourite pictures of Veronica Ebie-Odeka

At the Genevieve Pinkball
At the Genevieve Pinkball

Congratulations again Mrs Ebie-Odeka!!



How many of you can’t wait to get pregnant? I definitely know I can’t 😉

Photo Credit: Instagram(@veronicaodeka)

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