Street Style In Obafemi Awolowo University

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Obafemi Awolowo University is often called the most beautiful university in Nigeria. The 360nobs style team certainly agrees with that after our recently completed Street Style shoot.OAU Street Style_27__360nobs

OAU Street Style_28__360nobsOAU Street Style_29__360nobs
We have also come to realise that fashion matters to the students as opposed to the common view that all they focus on are their  books. We would however say  that the males of this prestigious university pay more attention to fashion than the females. What are your thoughts?

Enjoy!!OAU Street Style_22__360nobsOAU Street Style_16__360nobsOAU Street Style_48__360nobs

OAU Street Style_14__360nobsOAU Street Style_13__360nobsOAU Street Style_20__360nobsOAU Street Style_50__360nobsOAU Street Style_40__360nobsOAU Street Style_41__360nobs
OAU Street Style_09__360nobs

OAU Street Style_02__360nobsOAU Street Style_03__360nobsOAU Street Style_01__360nobsOAU Street Style_06__360nobsOAU Street Style_08__360nobsOAU Street Style_10__360nobsOAU Street Style_05__360nobs

OAU Street Style_39__360nobsOAU Street Style_45__360nobs

OAU Street Style_17__360nobsOAU Street Style_19__360nobsOAU Street Style_18__360nobsOAU Street Style_21__360nobsOAU Street Style_23__360nobsOAU Street Style_26__360nobsOAU Street Style_31__360nobsOAU Street Style_30__360nobs
OAU Street Style_33__360nobsOAU Street Style_38__360nobsOAU Street Style_35__360nobsOAU Street Style_34__360nobsOAU Street Style_36__360nobs
OAU Street Style_42__360nobsOAU Street Style_24__360nobsOAU Street Style_12__360nobsOAU Street Style_15__360nobsOAU Street Style_11__360nobsOAU Street Style_11__360nobsOAU Street Style_51__360nobs
Photocredit: Dele Afuda of Imogirie photos

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  1. Recently,fashion sense has been on the rise in OAU. The guys are killing it. Ermmm, the females are not doing badly either, but there are just a few female folks I can duff my hat for.

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