Soldiers in Jos Take To The Streets in Protest

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Members of the military from the 3 Armoured Division, Jos took to the streets with placards to protest what they call unfair dismissal.

The soldiers marched to the Plateau State NUJ Secretariat in Jos saying they were unjustly dismissed without any known offence and without the benefit of fair hearing. The soldiers claim they are clueless to the reasons.

The leader of the protesting soldiers, Sergeant Abiona Elisha, said, “We were dismissed this week Tuesday from the service of the Nigerian Army after sending us to go and suffer fighting insurgency in Adamawa, Yobe and Borno States.

“All of a sudden, we were recalled to the barracks and made to face trial. Even in the trial, we were not given the chance to defend ourselves. They just took decision and dismissed us. We were not even told what our offences were during the so-called trial.

“We are surprised that we can be treated like this in our own country. We were sent to fight insurgents without weapons. A lot of our colleagues were killed in the course of defending our fatherland. Even those who are in hospitals treating injuries they sustained from battle fields were also dismissed while still on hospital admission.

“The worst situation is that families of our colleagues killed in Adamawa and Yobe are languishing in hunger as Nigerian Army refused to pay their entitlements.“



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  1. Nigeria military gets weaker everyday by losing soldiers to Boko Haram, court martialing some to death, and dismissing soldiers. It has been reported that despite the the present terrorism war in the north, not a single rifle has been procured by the present administration. Meanwhile militants gets government license to import arms from South Africa and acquire warships from Norway. It seems a crazy plan/propaganda is being planned by the present government. I am afraid for the future of our dear nation.

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