Singer Rita Edmond Involved In Ghastly Opebi Accident [PHOTO]

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Singer Rita Edmond is thanking God after escaping death after a horrific car accident.

Edmond and her Acura MDX were involved in the accident which happened on the Opebi link bridge.

She said:

“The accident happened in a flash on the Opebi Link bridge, Lagos; in a split second it was all over. It happened because I was trying to avoid collision with the vehicle to my left and then things happened so fast. I am more than grateful God kept me alive because the damage on my vehicle cannot be reconciled with the minor injuries I sustained. It’s just God’s mercy that kept and protected me.”

“I sustained injuries but I am recovering fast. The orthopaedic surgeon says the x-ray result looks unbelievably good and that I’ll recover sooner than I think so I am hoping and praying for a speedy recovery.”




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