Drunk Woman Gets Most Embarrassing PENIS Tattoo On Her Shoulder

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The woman with Britain’s most embarrassing tattoo, Holly Aston was horrified when she woke up after a drunken party to find her friends had inked her with a diy tattoo gun, and it has ruined the teenage Birmingham student’s life.

Holly, who lives in Druids Heath, hid the tattoo from her parents for two years, but eventually the awful truth came out.

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She was just 17 when she allowed drunken friends to draw a penis on her shoulder with a diy tattoo gun she’d bought on the internet.

Holly woke up next day horrified by the graphic image permanently inked on her body.

She even turned down a holiday in Lanzarote because she feared the tattoo would be revealed.

Holly, a self-confessed former ‘wild child’ says she has now grown up and wants to move on with her life.

“I had my first tattoo done by a qualified bloke who had turned part of his house into a studio,” she told the Birmingham Mail.

“I had a large picture done on my forearm of a comic book woman. It’s supposed to be Storm from the X Men, although I just chose it out of a book because I thought it was cool. My family hated it but I still went on to get more.

“It was so easy to buy a tattoo gun off the internet for about £50. You get the full kit of needles and ink and it’s easy to operate, though they give you no instructions about keeping it sterile. We were very lucky not to get an infection or blood poisoning.

“I had tattoo parties with my mates. We’d have some drinks and tattoo each other – it was stupid.”

It was during one of those parties that things got out of hand.

The good news is that the tattoo is on its way out, thanks to a TV show which has paid for laser removal sessions.



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