Sammie Okposo Declares That Buhari Should Be Flogged

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Sammie Okposo went on an Instagram rant in another new episode of the Buhari saga. The gospel singer outrage is due to his belief that the certificate Buhari presented is a forgery. He wrote on Instagram;

From perjury to forgery: Buhari or whoever forged that certificate needs to be flogged. Prior to the formation of a central govt by Gowon, all regions had separate curriculums.

Only the western region offered a local language in both their curriculum and WASC! It was after a central govt was formed and a universal educational curriculum was developed and adopted which included other local languages in 1974! So which WASC did Buhari write in 1961 that included Hausa?

Scroll to page 9 of this academic write up and see a brief summary of the total subjects entered from 1961 to 1974 and the percentile of students per subject.

The post however seems to have been taken down to its controversial nature. But what do you think? Is Mr. Okposo right?

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