Revealing!! Miley Cyrus Films SEX TAPE With Patrick Schwarzenegger!

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I don’t think the controversy on risque singer Miley Cyrus will come to an end anytime soon. Yeah, you heard right! SEXTAPE. But it’s just for their personal viewing pleasure alone. I mean Patrick and Miley make tapes of themselves screwing each other and then they watch it and delete it! How interesting!

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger are filming their sex life – but have no fear, the pair delete the tapes after viewing. The “Adore You” crooner is reportedly creating videos of her bedroom antics with her boyfriend but the couple are deleting them as soon as they’ve watched them.

A source shared: “Miley has mentioned that their sex life has consisted of filming and taking pictures, but they are instantly erasing it after watching and looking at it. Plus Miley likes using candy, like lollipops.”

The singing sensation is known for posting racy pictures and leaving nothing left for one's imagination.
The singing sensation is known for posting racy pictures and leaving nothing left for one’s imagination.

The 21-year-old actor and model, who is the son of Hollywood Fame Arnold Schwarzenegger, has reportedly fallen for Miley’s “wild side” and is enjoying their “animalistic” sex life.

Another source added previously: “It’s very animalistic and wild between them. They just met up and spent a few hours going at it. They were talking all night and most of the next days. It’s very physical.

Patrick and Miley
Patrick and Miley
Miley-Cyrus-and-Patrick-Schwarzenegger (1)
The couple in one of their cozy moments


“[Their relationship] started out as just sex, but the more they get to know each other, the more it seems like they are falling for each

Meanwhile, the filming is not the only X-rated thing the pair are believed to be doing; the couple is also keen on getting matching tattoos in intimate places.

An insider told Hollywood Life: “It’s not a one-way street, he’s into her big time. Her wild side does not turn him off. It’s to the point where he’s getting wilder, he’s expanding that side of him.

“He’s actually gone so far as to tell her that he wants them to get matching tattoos, below the belt, if you know what I mean. It’s so
X-rated and of course, she’s totally down for it!”

Not your typical kinda couple? What’s your take on it? And are you in support of couples filming their bedroom antics?

PS: Incase you don’t know what Patrick Schwarzenegger looks like with his clothes off, you can check it out!



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  1. You posted a story from Hollywood Life, like it’s real, lol. That’s as bad as their, “Maria Shriver hates Miley,” “Miley is preggo,” “Billy Ray & Dolly want Miley in rehab,” or “Patrick will lose his inheritance dating Miley…” Stories. So dumb they don’t bother to make sense, durrrr.

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