Retired Generals Warn Military Rule May Return If 2015 Elections Are Postponed

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A number of ex-generals have warned that a postponement of the 2015 elections could lead to the end of democracy in the country.

The President’s National Security Adviser, Rt. Colonel Sambo Dasuki, had called for the February 14 elections to be postponed, to give INEC more time to prepare.

Brigadier-General Ayodele Ojo (retd.) however criticized the statement, saying it was a call for military rule.

According to Ojo, the suggestion by the NSA for the deferment of the polls is capable of creating a constitutional crisis that can abort the nation’s democracy.

“It is a backward step to the dark days of military rule when anti-democratic forces, on the eve of the June 12, 1993 presidential poll, were able to secure a dubious injunction from an Abuja High Court restricting the National Electoral Commission from conducting the election,” Ojo said.

“This singular act was instrumental to the annulment of the election. It is worrisome that the call, this time around, is coming from a highly placed security official of the Nigerian government. Moreover, the reason given for the postponement is untenable, to say the least.”

Brig.-Gen. Williams Obene (retd.), a former commandant also echoed Ojo’s sentiments.

He said, “I think the polity is really fired up; there are so many reactions, interpretations and misunderstandings. And if we say we are a democratic country practising civilian democracy, then we have to work by the rule of law. If that is not done through the constitution, then it can attract anarchy.”



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