Railway Worker Masturbates Over A Sleeping Pregnant Woman

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Wonders shall never end. A railway worker was caught masturbating on a pregnant woman while she was asleep. The man who was spared jail said he did it because he was stressed due to engineer training and was going through marital problems. He is 35 years old and goes by the name Manny Ramos, yes he is not Nigerian. Imagine if it were to be here in Nigeria?

Manny Ramos
Manny Ramos


His victim, who was six months pregnant, told Golden Hill Street Courthouse in Bridgeport, Connecticut, that when she screamed for help, no passengers came to her aid.

She said: ‘After the incident, I never snoozed or slept again on the train since I was afraid that it could happen again.

Considering that this horrible event happened during working time, I really think his future employers should know about what happened … This clearly was a sexual attack, and he should have a record of this.’

When she challenged Ramos on the Grand Central Terminal to New Haven train, he said ‘it wasn’t me’ before zipping up his flies and running off at Fairfield station.

Ramos later provided a written confession, according to police reports, stating he was under a lot of stress because of problems with his wife and because he was about to take a final test to become an engineer.

“I was studying for the test when I started to have unwanted thoughts,” he told MTA police. “I began to touch myself when I felt ill with a headache and stressed, the next thing I knew I was masturbating.”

Ramos was given a two-year suspended sentence, according to the Connecticut Post, ordered to register as a sex offender, and handed three years’ probation.

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