Personalize your Debit Card with The ‘Persona’ Card from Access Bank

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Some moments are not meant to be forgotten. They are in that moment between reality and the divine.

It is a cavernous hall filled with eager faces in regal gowns and mortarboards as a phase of life ended and another began

It is when he knelt on one knee (or two) and popped the question.

It is the first set of heady, magical days in a foreign land

It is when your baby gave his first toothless smile.

It is when he tottered with unsure first steps.


Access Bank has created a product for you to capture your treasured moments and take them everywhere.


Persona is a Card Customisation Service that allows you personalize your Debit Card with images of your fondest memories. Your Persona is an expression of who you are to the watching public. It allows you express in a simple, yet powerful manner; who you are and how you want to be seen.


With a Persona Card by Access Bank, you can upload your favourite picture of that special moment you want to cherish, or select one of hundreds of beautiful images from the provided gallery which hosts images from Nigeria’s renowned photographers.

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