Oprah Winfrey, David Oyelowo And Ava DuVernay Cover Variety Magazine February 2015 Issue

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Since the release of the movie ‘Selma’, there has been a lot of buzz and now its time for the casts and the director of the film to make the headlines as they have been featured in February 2015 issue as the cover stars.


Nigerian-born British actor David Oyelowo who played the role of Matin Luther King Jr as well as Oprah Winfrey and the director of the film Ava DuVernay share the February cover. Ava dishes on the long road to making the film, the $20M budget and how she hopes the film will aid protesters around the world.


David Oyelowo also opened up about playing the role of Martin Luther King Jr and the connection he feels towards MLK “I was really drawn to this man — to the self-sacrifice, the notion of love in the face of hate. As a man of faith, the things that he held dear were the things that lodged in my spirit.”


Speaking to the magazine, Oprah opens up about the timeliness of the movie, she said: “Divine timing is what it is. You get to see the magnitude and power of their discipline and strategy. And also, in the end, that they called on love. When (King) called on those clergy from all over the country, they actually came and (were willing to give) up their lives”


Credits: Variety Magazine

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