Nigeriens Burn Churches In Violent Anti Charlie Hebdo Protest

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Demonstrators in Niger Republic who are protesting the recent issue of the controversial Charlie Hebdo magazine took things further by throwing stones at the Police and burning two churches in Niamey, Niger capital. Earlier, christian homes were looted as well.

The recent issue shows a photo of the Prophet Mohammed holding a ‘Je Suis Charlie’ placard.

The protesters also attacked a police station and burned at least two police cars near the main mosque after authorities banned a meeting called by local Muslim leaders. Police responded with teargas.

Anti-Charlie Hebdo protesters in Quetta, Pakistan

“They offended our Prophet Mohammed. That’s what we didn’t like,” said Amadou Abdoul Ouahab, who took part in the demonstration. “This is the reason why we have asked Muslims to come, so that we can explain this to them, but the state refused. That’s why we’re angry today.”



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