Nigerian Musician OmoAkin Flaunts His Small Penis On Instagram

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Its no news that the social networking site for picture and moments sharing, Instagram, pioneered quite a number of trends including the #Eggplant trend, where you take a picture showing an imprint of your penis (particularly your d**k size) without actually showing off the real thing.

I think this particular trend was kickstarted by American hip hop recording artist BOB. Other people caught up with the trend as they soon started to post pictures of their eggplants. From The GAME, to Cash Out, and what have you; it seems the website has zero tolerance for grossness as posts of such are deleted as soon as they find out. But hey, some people are smarter than the web, they screen grab in split seconds!


Now a musical act in Nigeria, popularly known as OmoAkin, has decided to catch up with the eggplant trend, although no eggplant tags, the picture is self explanatory. He posted the picture on his Instagram page and well……… See for yourself.

Omo Akin


And you should be wondering why my headline is that? You should take a closer look at the picture.




Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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