Nigeria: AIT’s Documentary ” The Real Buhari” Received With Mixed Opinions

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Impending controversy looms over the documentary aired about the life and past military regime of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari by Africa Independent Television (AIT). Naij report.

The documentary which was titled “The Real Buhari”, unveils Buhari as a man whose military regime was the first to sentence a woman to death by firing squad.

According to a Nairaland user [SeverusSnape], the documentary was “about all the wickedness and atrocities committed by Buhari during his reign of terror”.

The former Head of State was also characterized as stiff and never smiling ruler.


In his book “Then Spoke The Thunder”, writer and journalist Peter Enahoro calls Buhari ascetic, while a Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, describes him as an ethnic bigot.

The televised documentary has received different reactions from pundits.

Some Nigerians believe that the information provided in the video should be proved, while others believe every word said in the documentary.



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  1. “It is a “disgrace” for Nigeria that its neighbours have been more successful in battle against its Boko Haram insurgency than its own army, opposition presidential candidate Muhammdu Buhari said in an interview a week before the election” (, 2015).
    GMB what do you expect? For miracle to happen? No.

    A country that is not united can not conquer it enemies (Boko Haram) no matter how rich, large and powerful it military might is because there is a mole in a black mask in and out the military domain. as such the the military is compromised and will continue to remain compromised until the day Nigeria chooses to be united irrespective ethnicity and religion. In addition some set of the country believes as long as they are in power unity and peace will rain and when they are not in power disunity and unrest will continue to manifest.

    This country is indeed an unholy union and that is what you get when you put cat and dog in a house.

  2. So many factors affecting Nigeria war against insurgency, first, sabotage I have heard many stories of betrayal within and outside the militry causing deep casualties for the soldiers, those who don’t want them to win the battle. Moreo so, Nigeria have being asking for external help to help in technical and logistics matters. Today, France is guiding Niger

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