New Year, New Year; Too Old To Be True

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It is the 10th day in the first month of the new year and so I need not remind us again of that fact that we have left 2014. Besides, I trust our calendars, the celebrations around us and the constant BCs and DPs to remind us of that. As accustomed with the new year, people around the globe, are making resolutions to drop some bad habits and make the much needed change to be progressive in life.

Chain smokers don’t want to smoke anymore or reduce the number of sticks they take daily. Drunkards want to stay away from the bottle, parents want to be better with their kids, kids want to make their parents proud, girlfriend wants to be faithful, boyfriends don’t want to chase everything in skirts anymore. Everyone wants to be better, do better, live better in the year. And almost every pms, you see stuffs like: “new year, new beginning”, “time to be better, it is a new year”, “old year gone, new me born” and the common one is “new year, new me”. Then you start to wonder what happened to their resolution the previous year “to be new” and why people actually wait a whole year to decide they want to be better.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a wonderful thing to start a new year with new goals and fresh zeal to make things want to work for the better for you. It is great to make resolutions for the new year and map the things you want and don’t want for the year but of what use are the resolutions when you’ve not accomplished the one for the previous year or the one before that? You promise yourself every new year to change, you stick with your plans for a while and then along the line, you lose focus and you’re back to the place where you were not achieving anything. I know some people already have ditched the plans to have a new beginning in 2015 and have fallen back into old, familiar patterns. 10 days into January and you’ve dumped the resolutions into the normal bin you dump them year in, year out. Like someone who told me he would stop smoking and he actually stopped for like 2 days. On the third day, I saw my friend smoking cheerily. When I asked him what happened to “I want to quit smoking in 2015”, he said “forget that one jare”. Was I surprised,  nope. He would have shocked me if he actually stuck with the whole resolution.

And that is why when people tell me they are embarking on a journey to become a better person in the new year, I just sneer. If they were so serious about changing, they need not wait for the beginning of another 365 days to start. To me, every moment of our lives is the chance we have to get better. If you did not start July or April or September, what makes you think you will pull it off in January? You can’t just wait for January 1 and then expect a special kind of super power to fall on you. I am not condemning those who do. As a matter of fact, I set new goals to be achieved but for people who did not do anything important in the old year, who only wait for a new year to make decisions should stop it. Today is the only chance we have to get better, tomorrow is never assured. Don’t wait for a special day, push on, keep on learning, keep on striving to be a better human, do all the things you have to do that make your life progressive. Trust me, doing the right things at the right; which is all the time and not a specific time is the key to the “better new you” you so desire.

This year, make a decision to stick with your resolutions all days of the year and on the 31st of December, 2015, you will be so proud of yourself and the people around will be to. Don’t do the “new year, new you” thingy, it is too old to be true.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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