Must Read Alleged Secret Document: It Exposes Plot By US, Britain To Collapse Nigeria’s Economy

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A 300-page document by a Paris, France-based group has exposed attempts by the United States and Britain to cause problem in the country by collapsing the economy, even as most Nigerians continue to express apprehension over the prediction that the country could break up this year.

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The secret document released by a think-tank group, Intelicor, in Paris, unveiled plans by elements in the United States to cause further fall of oil prices to sabotage the Nigerian and Russian economies.

The document revealed that it is the plot, as it affects Russia that has made the United States and Britain to have issues with President Vladimir Putin, who is said to have opposed ‘G8 Africa Plan’, which aims to use Africa as experiment base for western biotechnology companies, desirous of exploiting stem cell research and organ trafficking on the continent.

The document revealed further that Russia’s secret service had discovered a programme by United States elements and businessmen to control world oil and uranium sources as well as make Africa the source of ovarian eggs they need to perfect tissue cloning.

The document also stated that Nigeria fell into the trap by accepting the offer for the building of specialised hospitals by a United States foundation owned by a known businessman, in exchange for the enactment of the recently signed National Health Act, 2014.

The Intelicor document revealed that to ensure low oil price, in order to destabilise Nigeria and Russia’s economies, the United States and British elements conspired with Saudi Arabia to increase oil production and output. As encouragement for this, the United States has increased oil imports from Saudi Arabia and Angola and shunned Nigeria’s oil.

The document revealed that the Boko Haram problem in Nigeria is also part of the plot, as the insurgents have link with a United States organisation led by a retired CIA chief. The group is also believed to be supporting Al-Shabab in Kenya and ISIS in the Middle East.

It further revealed that Boko Haram’s assignment is to destabilise Nigeria and possibly cause the emergence of a regime that would give express approval to the biotechnology companies to feast on the country for 100 million ovarian eggs needed yearly for embryonic stem cell research in tissue cloning, as well as provide the human organs needed in the western countries.

The report stated that oblivious of the plot, the Federal Government encouraged the passing of the National Health Bill, which was signed into law last month by President Goodluck Jonathan.

The National Health Act empowers doctors to authorise removal of the organ of anybody, who comes to hospital, in “emergency cases.” The provision nullifies the practise in most western countries, where only the donor could authorise removal of his organ for transplant to another person.

The document said the provision is a ploy for the harvest of organs in Nigeria, which would be shipped to United States and Britain for transplant.

To make this possible, the American elements behind it, the document revealed, have “given millions of USD contract to a company (name withheld) to build over 260 hospitals to form the base for pouching organs and harvesting human ovarian eggs without consent of the donor authorised by law in Nigeria.”

It revealed: “At a Bioethics meeting, experts estimated that over 30 million Nigerians would die in five years. In Kenya, even though the attempt to get President Kenyatta jailed has failed for now, there is intense pressure to execute the same project as in Nigeria. The steady flow of human ovarian eggs will drive the western economies to 2050, with a net worth of over 30 trillion USD.”

Source: Sunnewsonline



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