Muslim Radicals Hack Into Nigerian Defence

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A muslim radical by twitter name @sadiq123 this morning claimed to have hacked into the Nigerian Defence website via the host providers of the Defence HQ, Galaxy Backbone Ltd. an Abuja-based company.

The user also saluted the crowds in Katsina and Bauchi for stoning President Goodluck Jonathan citing that Jonathan is an infidel and deserves to be stoned.

The spokesperson for the Nigerian Defence, Major-General Chris Olukolade confirmed the breach and later assured Nigerians that control of the site has been regained.

The person behind the hacking is said to go by the screen name  Maniak k4sur and if going by the retweets of the Spokesperson of the Defence HQ, this hacker is also responsible for hacking into defacing 2 Major police & 8 NASA websites in the US.



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  1. Young man please tweeting your heart out from your hacking base will not increase GMB’s votes. Get yourself properly occupied

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