Muna Obiekwe’s Family Make Arrangements On Where To Lay Him To Rest

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Nollywood actor, Muna Obiekwe who passed away at the age of 36 on Sunday, January 18, 2015, is said to be presently embalmed at the Nigerian Naval Reference Hospital‘s morgue in Alakija, Satellite Town, Lagos.

Nigeria Entertainment Today reports that it has confirmed that the body was brought in from a private hospital in Festac where the actor passed away. His family reportedly intends to move it to St. Edwards Hospital’s morgue in Obosi, Onitsha, Anambra State his state where he is expected to be buried. However, the date of when he will be put into the ground has not yet been revealed.

We will report more details as they emerge.



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  1. i still dnt believe dat actor muna is gone for real,is a pity nd vry sad news to hear. may his gently soul rest in d bossom of d Lord Amen. pls noolwood stars learn hw to show luv to one another,Cus muna has reported his problem to one of u,bt since there’s no lv in ur industri u let him go!

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  3. R.i.p dear frnd no mata dt i dnt no u God gives life n he taketh no one 2 question d alpha n omega, pls my advice 2 everyone both d actor or actress b care on wot u act dnt act wot please people but act on wot please God bcs u dnt no wen God wil cal u as he called muna 4 u 2 giv good account abt ur life if he called u bcs nobody nos d day of his death dt is my advice 2 evry one includin i my self brb

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