Michelle Obama’s Facial Expressions Are Priceless As She Pays Condolence Visit To Saudi Arabia

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Michelle Obama did not look any happy as she accompanied President Obama to Saudi Arabia on a condolence visit following the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is an important ally of the United States but has one of the worse Women Rights ever as women cannot leave the house without a male accompanying them, are not allowed to drive, cannot open bank accounts without their husband’s permission and so on. Michelle Obama kept getting sidelined as the topshots kept shaking Obama but snubbing her except for one person.

And if you don’t believe, check out her face in the following picshures.

Michelle1 Michelle2

So y'all gonna act like I ain't here?
So y’all gonna act like I ain’t here?
Barrack is going down soon as we get back :/
Barrack is going down soon as we get back :/
This Obama dey wash sha
This Obama dey wash sha


Oh, just pass by like I'm not here
Oh, just pass by like I’m not here

Michelle8Image Credit: Reuters



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