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Major Ingredients You Will Need:

Fresh Red Pepper

Fresh Green Pepper (just enough to add colour to the sauce)

Fresh Tomatoes (a lot more than the peppers)

Onions (1 big buld should do)

Chicken (Half a kilo)


How to get the shredded chicken

-Boil your chicken as you normally do with the spices you like. Boil for a very long time till the chicken is very tender

-Remove the chicken from the pot and put in a bowl of cool water or you can leave it for a long time to cool if you have time on your hands.

-Then, you remove the chicken bits by bits from the bones. At the end of it, you will have boneless shredded chicken like this:



Note that the chicken stock (that’s the water used in boiling the chicken) must not be thrown away as it will be used in making the sauce.


How to make the shredded chicken sauce:

-Chop your peppers, tomatoes into big but not so big slices. It is best to use a knife instead of a manual blender to do this. When you’re done chopping or slicing, you should have something like thisedu3


-Put your stock back on fire (the stock should not be much though so you won’t overflood the sauce) and add the sliced peppers, tomatoes and onions to it. Allow it to boil for like 3-5 minutes

-Then add the shredded chicken, maggi and salt to taste. (Be gentle on the maggi and salt as the stock already contains some). Stir together and leave it to boil for another 3 minutes.

-Add little oil like 3 cooking spoon full to it and stir again.

-Wait a little while like 2 minutes till your sauce is thick with a soupy effect and then remove from fire. The shredded chicken sauce will look like this when you’re done


Serve with anything but best goes with boiled/fried/roasted yam, macaroni, rice or spaghetti. I like it best with macaroni or spaghetti.

This sauce is easy to make and is wonderful for special occasions like date night at home, special family dinner and so on.


If you have any problem recreating the recipe, use the comment box and I will answer your questions.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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  1. Yes, you can… Just put the irish potato and liver with the pepper to boil before adding oil. You can also add sweet corns, carrots, grean peas etc to make it even “funner” but don’t overdo it so you won’t be irrititated…

    Thanks for reading through, glad you liked the recipee

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