BOOBI FOR SHOW! Model Jodie Marsh Shows Off Naked Body Revealing Her Everything

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Jodie Marsh is an English media personality, bodybuilder and occasional glamour model. She has featured topless in lads’ mags and tabloid newspapers and appeared in her own reality show, Totally Jodie Marsh. She is never shy and never is she the retiring type.

Anyone familiar with the glamour model’s Instagram account will know it mainly consists of bikini shots, with snaps of her upper body occasionally mixed with the odd crotch shot.




Posting yet another bikini pic yesterday, she posted: ‘If this pic gets 5k likes I’ll post a pic later of my WHITE BITS!!! 🙂 haha that’s a fair deal I reckon x x x x’ And of course she did.


“As promised, …… white bits 🙂 ” She said as she posted the above naked picture. With 13,000 likes and counting, it seems the photo went down pretty well with fans. Although there’s no pleasing everyone, with one follower calling Jodie ‘trashy’ and telling her to ‘have some respect’  See more of her very revealing pictures that leaves nothing left for one’s imagination.

Jodie Marsh


Jodie_ MArsh

Jodie Marsh_



This is what she looks like with her clothes on.

Jodie Marsh


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