LASAA Proves Jimi Agbaje Is Guilty Over Poster Claims [PHOTO]

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Lagos state governorship aspirant Jimi Agbaje accused the Lagos State Signage & Advertisment Agency of bias towards candidates, but it seems he might be at fault.

Agbaje  had claimed that his posters were being removed by LASAA, and that he was prevented from getting advert spaces.

LASAA had however denied the allegations, and had posted pictures of different parties’ posters in the designated places.

A photo has now also come out of Jimi Agbaje’s posters being posted where there is a big sign from LASAA not to.

See it below.




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  1. Abeg, poster that they could have put their by themselves and taken picture of. What about the other posters been torn and destroyed that were put in good places. How come Ambode’s posters are not ever torn. I am an ordinary citizen but just want everyone to receive fair treatment Abeg.

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