Konji Toh Bad: Woman Kills Husband For Refusing To Have Sex

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Things must have been hard for 48-year-old Evelyne Ndlovu – but not ‘hard enough’ as she took an axe to her husband for refusing her sexual advances.

This tragic love story took place in Zimbabwe and according to the Police, Evelyn Ndlovu went into a heated argument with her husband in the afternoon for refusing to have sex with her. After several hours of argument, Ndlovu went to the bedroom to lie while her husband Mphosa took the couch. Unknown to him, Ndlovu was not willing to let the matter itself lie, as she paid a visit by 2am and put work on him.

Maphosa died at the scene as a result of his injuries. which Ndlovu told neighbors was the work of an intruder, but when police arrived to questioned her, she fled from the scene.

After two weeks, police managed to track her down and arrested her on charges of murder. Ndlovu was brought before the Bulawayo Magistrate’s Court, where she was released on bail.

Source: Worldwide Weird News



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