Kenyan Rapper, Mwafreek Swallows Pride and Apologizes To Ice Prince

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Kenyan rapper, Mwafreeka Mwaf who took a shot at Ice Prince over the song N Word, later on took to Facebook to apologize via a lengthy message. He said he didn’t know Ice Prince was a big star and he didn’t mean harm. Here is what he wrote,

Just realized in the past few days that Ice Prince is a MEGA superstar. No disrespect but I didn’t know.

Anyway my comment on him seems to have made headlines in Nigeria. Funny shit is they describing my songs as chart topping, heheheeheh.

To quote Chief Kamachi “I’m a Underground rapper, my jewels is invisible”

I have never had a hit single in Kenya even my collabo with K’NAAN only topped the charts in South Africa.

Anyway to make things clear, I respect Ice Prince hustle as a rapper. 1 million people must be following him for a reason. What I meant by realistic dreams is I would understand if he rapped about cars like Range Rovers, Audis, Benzes, BMWs. Am sure he can easily afford those and be able to drive them in Nigeria.

I just feel the Bugatti dream is far fetched. With its very low centre of gravity, does Nigeria have the roads to drive that shit on?? No disrespect to Nigeria but I think only South Africa has the infrastructure for such cars.

Also with 1 million followers, I think Ice Prince has earned enough mandate to TRULY express himself on other stuff other than girls and cars. (There’s nothing wrong with rhyming about girls BTW ;))

Still I would want to learn more about Nigeria through his music. One thing I respect about Nigeria is they are proud of their accent, whether in Kenya or America, a Nigerian speaks in his accent and proudly. Nigerians are so proud that even Hollywood treats the Nigerian accent as the “African accent”

In Kenya as soon as we enter the plane we develop a foreign accent etc

So with such proud people I think Ice Prince or any successful African artist doesn’t need to copy paste the American swag.

My thoughts!!

His problem with Ice Prince was that in the N Word video, Ice Prince and Don Jazzy were portraying American culture instead of ‘representing Africa’. But as you can see in the apology, he is nowhere as big as Ice Prince and his rant won’t bother Nigerians.




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