Katung Aduwak’s movie HEAVEN’S HELL too explicit?

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Katung Aduwak’s Heaven’s Hell is one of those movies that has been on my radar for some time however it seems the movie will not be opening in cinemas anytime soon as the film has been taken back to the editing room.

According to Pulse, the release date of the movie which was originally scheduled for a January 23 release has been pushed back to allow the editors work on removing some explicit and inciting content found in the movie by the NFVCB. Katung is said to have made this revelation recently when he announced the status of film with this statement – “We received advice from a member of NFVCB to re-edit some scene in the movie which was considered too explicit and inciting. Well, the scenes are currently being worked upon and in due course the highly expected movie will be ready”. He also added apologies to fans stating that My sincere apologies to all Nigerians who have shown interest in the movie since the announcement, we won’t be able to premiere this January anymore ,but soon as we are set to hit the cinemas, details will be available”.

Unfortunately the Nigerian movie industry is yet to the level where filmmakers put out two versions of their film, the cinema copy and the uncensored copy. Therefore we’d never know what the film is said to be inciting or stating.

In case you are one of those that just learning about this movie then you might want to check out the trailer below.

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Mistah Cole

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