Justin DICKson!!! See Justin Bieber’s Bulge While He Was With Kendall Jenner In His Backyard

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Compared to their white counterparts, I used to think that it was only black people that are this endowed, if you understand what I mean. Well, Pop star Justin Bieber belongs to the list of exceptions in that sphere. And to think that he just did an ad for Calvin Klein where his ‘Bulge’ became the talk of the entertainment town, you’d agree with me JB obviously got it.

On Sunday, Justin Bieber decided to spend some alone time with model Kendall Jenner at his home in Los Angeles. The two stars- although, in the past few months, the pair had been seen out together, and I mean frequently- could be seen kicking back in his back garden.




Is that a BULGE? Or an eggplant?






Reports have it that Kendall may have spent the night as she was wearing the same outfit from the day before. (As seen in the picture). The night before, Kendall had shared a picture of herself on Instagram wearing the same outfit but with a denim shirt over her top and her red bandana tied to her jeans.

Kendall Jenner


On Monday, Justin took to his Instagram page to share a snap of him with Kendall and a male pal, he captioned it, ‘Ryan thinks he’s superman smh’

JustinBeiber8Do you think there is something going on between Bieber and Kendall? Or they both are just still flirting with each other? Lets keep our fingers crossed.


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