#JordanSphere: How To ROCK Your Jeans In 10 Different Ways

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Phew! I am finally succumbing to the plethora of emails I have got from different people seeking my opinion on how to wear a jean trouser without losing it. If you understand what I mean, sometimes you get so engrossed with a particular style of dressing and then you have a feeling that it is the best for you, meanwhile you are falling into a STYLE RUT!

Yeah, I am going to show/tell you how you can wear even just a pair of Jeans, in 10 different ways without letting your neighbor know that’s the only pair you have.  (I am just saying) And of course, for those of us who can maintain it. (A pair of jeans)

To be honest with you, I am a jeans freak (If there is anything like that) Even when I go to a Black Tie event, I just one way or the other find it addictive to see myself in JEANS! Just like an Orgasm, I get Jean-gasm from wearing them.

If you are a stylish guy, you should know these 10 combinations. I mean, Jeans are the wardrobe staple for the rest of the world (Not just Americans alone) So, to help you re-discover the joys of jeans, I have taken it upon myself to show you what to wear with them in my 10-Ways list. So we are going to start from the bottom ( you know this song yeah). Nice to meet me!

10: With Cool Socks

SocksIn the details of any given ensemble, you should find true style. Elevate anything you would normally pair with your jeans by experimenting with your socks. For example, these Argyle print socks from Club Room come in a variety of colors, all of which will bring a subtle but decidedly quirky edge to even a simple outfit. In order to ensure you come off as purposefully stylish, just remember that one of the colors in your socks should be echoed elsewhere in your outfit.

9: With A Jacket (Moto Jacket If You Have One)


When you’re cruising around this summer with the wind blowing through your hair, you’ll need an ensemble that can rise to the occasion. Dial up your travel style with a plain white t-shirt paired with dark denim and a fitted, tan colored moto-jacket like this linen model from Sean John. Your overall look will be slick but still comfortable — even on a long journey.

8: With A Military Style Jacket

Military Style Blazer

For those in-between occasions (of which there tend to be many during the warmer months) when donning a structured blazer would be overdressing but you want to stand out in a sea of dress shirts, a military-style zip jacket is the answer. This machine-washable navy topper from Armani has the same appeal as a blazer, but plenty of zippers give it a cool street edge. Wear it with dark jeans and a t-shirt or alternatively, with crisp white pants.

7. With A Vest


Summer’s scorching temperatures mean that a full suit is out of the question unless you’re being blasted by air conditioning 24/7. Regardless of the weather, it’s still important to keep up a professional appearance at work. Do so by mixing trouser style dark jeans with a thin button down and a tailored vest such as this one from Bar III. Bonus: If you’ve been working hard at the gym, this outfit will show off your physique to its best advantage so be prepared for compliments to come your way.

6. With A Rolled Up- Botton Down


Even in the scorching days of summer, there’s no need to compromise on style. Teaming dark jeans with an ultra-light cotton button-down like Calvin Klein’s pastel model is the way to keep your cool when you need an ensemble that can easily transition from day to night on a casual Friday. Plus, this button-down features roll tab sleeves that will not only help stop you from overheating, but also fit in perfectly with the season’s emphasis on safari-inspired apparel.

5. With A Preppy Topper

Preppy Topper

Certain patterns ooze preppy-chic sensibility and seersucker — with its close association to New England summers — is one of them. When teamed with a fabric like denim, you have a look that sends the message that you’re ready to party in a classy way. To get this look, start with basic, go-with-everything denim, like your Armani Jeans, then pull on a white button-down and a slim-fit cotton seersucker blazer. Finish off your polished party ensemble with a solid colored blue silk tie.

4. With Driving Shoes


Get in on this trend by swapping out your usual flip flops for a pair of smooth leather driving shoes like these ones from Clarks that will look tasteful yet modern when worn with dark jeans, a white button-down and your best watch.

3. With A White Blazer


Dark trouser-style jeans paired with a lightweight white blazer represents a timeless summer look. When selecting a white blazer, look for a piece that has sharp tailoring but is also machine washable. For a casual event, add a nautical feel to your ensemble by layering a striped tee underneath your blazer. Or, go dressier by slipping into some polished leather dress shoes and opting for a pale blue dress shirt.

2. With A Bright Polo


For a fuss-free hot-weather look that’s right on trend, pick up a polo shirt in a punchy color (orange is particularly popular this year) and wear it with dark jeans. For an unbeatable cut that will have women taking notice of the benefits of your upper body and core workout, try Lacoste’s trim fit version.

1. With A Safari-Style Topper


If you splurge on one item this season, let it be a safari-inspired sports coat. This one from Ralph Lauren is a prime example of the kind of piece you should be searching for. Crafted from a blend of luxurious organic cotton and linen, this smartly tailored, three-button topper has a timeless appeal that suggests its wearer’s worldly sophistication. Wear it with dark jeans to keep your look contemporary and accent your ensemble with a pocket square.

So if you want to be a Style Icon or work your way up the ladder of the Fashion gurus, perhaps you should adhere to the aforementioned tips. And I give my Style Icon for the Post to …… *drumrolls*…. USHER RAYMOND!

Usher Raymond

So, this is where I stop for now till I get the inspiration to reply other burgeoning emails requesting to address certain male fashion topics. I am Jordan and this is #JORDANSPHERE

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