Iconic British Economist Jim O’Neill Says Nigeria’s Economy Would Benefit If Goodluck Loses Elections

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A top British economist, Jim O’Neill, has foresighted a better future for Nigeria’s economy if Goodluck Jonathan loses the 2015 elections.

O’Neill, who is a retiring chairman of Goldman Sachs Assets Management, admitted that private investors had a negative view of Nigeria due to Jonathan’s poor economic policies.

One of those was the firing of Central Bank governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, who he said brought “great credibility” to the government.

“If he doesn’t get re-elected, and it’s because of Nigerian people wanting something different and something better, I think the markets would be happy with that,” said O’Neill.

“Foreign investors are pretty negative about Nigeria, so I don’t dismiss the possibility that if he lost people actually might react positively.”



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