I Present To You PRICASSO: The Weird Australian Who Paints With His PENIS

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I present to you Pricasso, the eclectic and eccentric Australian who paints with his penis.

If the true mark of an artist can be unfolded through the tools of his trade, then Pricasso, the Australian artist who paints pictures with his penis, should be an innovator in the loosest sense of the term.

pricasso 3 360nobs

Dressed in an oversized pink cowboy hat and a flashy pink thong to match, this conspicuous crotch creator can make you a painting of Bill Clinton “not” engaging in sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky in fifteen minutes or less.

pricaso 360nobs.jpg 6

In an exclusive interview with Intouchweekly, when asked if he decided to dip his penis in some paint on a random day, he said, “Basically,” (meaning he does), so we’re still not entirely sure how he discovered this bizarre talent, but we’re super glad he did because his final products are truly impressive.

Pricasso explains he’s switched to a homemade paint that’s better for “sensitive skin.”

He further disclosed that he makes most of his money off the Internet.



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